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E-learning platform

E-learning platform

Our e-learning (LMS) platform is made for modern corporate needs and meanwhile is extremely simple to implement and manage.
Safety inductions and e-learning courses

Safety inductions and e-learning courses

Perform Work safety, Fire safety, Personal data protection or any other internal e-learning within your organization.
CyberAwareness and phishing simulation

CyberAwareness and phishing simulation

Platform comes equipped with our top class CyberAwareness e-learning contentent and phishing simulation product - DePhish.
The return-on-investment for e-learning can be 50%-60% greater than for traditional training (Syberworks).
Learning through e-learning requires up to 60% less time than learning in a typical classroom setting (Brandon-Hall Study).
E-learning consumes up to 90% less energy than traditional classroom setting, reducing CO2 by up to 85% (KDW).

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The new CloudStudy: e-learning and phishing simulation and protection platform has born

After more than a year of development, the new and modern platform of CloudStudy V2 has reached its first commercial release version. The new platform is a completely from-scratch solution, in which we have combined several years of experience gained in providing daily e-learning services to our customers. CloudStudy has now become a world-class solution.

But what exactly is CloudStudy so special about? We will try to answer this in this post.


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Top 5 FAQs

No, actually it is very simple.

The solution is based on the latest web technologies, therefore, users will only need a web browser and an email address. Students do not require any instruction to use the platform. However, learning managers will be ready to start launching new e-learning campaigns after watching a 10-minute video tutorial.

First of all, it is possible to adjust everything according to the corporate style, incl. your web domain, email server, logo, colors, notification templates, etc.).

Second, if you also need to integrate with your active directory to provide single-sign-on or take-over users, this is also possible.
Yes, it is possible to subscribe only to the platform itself without subscribing to the e-learning courses and we will help to transfer your pre-existing e-learning courses to the platform. You don't have your own e-learning? No problem - we’ll help you to create your own e-learning content.
The available e-learning courses can be found in the "E-learning" section. And of course, the range of content will be expanded in the future!
Sure! Click the "Free trial" button at the top of the page and create your account and try out the platform for a 30-day free trial.